Alex Reshuan.


Internally driven, and emotionally charged, Alex Reshuan   is a self-taught, artist  from Ecuador in South America.

He studied Industrial Engineering at Texas A&M University  keeping his love for photography and visual arts  in his background until the necessity for expression took him into a new journey in the creative process.

In year 2000 he started photographing in a documentary manner. But his work was described as tooartistic for the media. He soon explored fine art photography  and  simultaneously started abstract  and figurative sculpting.

Due to his Engineering background, he is also passionately involved in industrial design.



He has lived in England,USA, Argentina, Haiti  and Ecuador 

He has participated  in exhibitions in Ecuador, Colombia, United States, Italy, Holland and France.


Artist Statement.


Alex’s work currently focuses on creating images and  sculptures inspired directly from life, to expressed the ineffable, the inexpressible. That is why the work will always be unfinished  and a mystery in itself,  not  only  for the observer but also  for the artist.

“What you see is not what you get!  I just hope that my work is a real key that could trigger new and hidden emotions, that will push the observer to explore their inner being , since it is the same source of my inspiration”